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Lyla Lee is a cellist, currently in her third-year studying at the University of British

Columbia under the teaching of a renowned cellist and professor, Eric Wilson.

The cellist began pursuing her study in cello under Bo Peng. She earned silver certificates at Kiwanis Music Festival for Level Eight and finished her RCM Level 10 Exam before she auditioned for the University of British Columbia.


In Summer 2017, she participated in Casalmaggiore International Music Festival. She had many opportunities to join chamber groups, to perform at recitals, to meet many talented musicians around the world, and to listen to amazing performances.

After attending the music program in the University of British Columbia, she gained

experiences through playing in many chamber groups, including UBC Symphony Orchestra. She also participates in many outside of school activities, such as Pacific Chamber Music Academy for two summer sessions and one winter session.


Lyla is currently a member of Cellissimo, which is a cello chamber group that collaborates with Canadian composers to perform exotic and wonderful contemporary music.

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