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In life there’s ups and downs, good moments, terrible ones, hate, love, and everything in between. This natural law is personified in Midnight Sun, the next personal and introspective CD from Vancouver’s own Kyprios.

“One time we were in Whitehorse a couple of years ago with Sweatshop Union, and we were quite far north and it was about 4:35 in the morning, and it was still dusk,” Kyprios told Metro. “It was such a strange thing to see, the midnight sun. That dichotomy. And for a while there the songs I was making were either really positive and uplifting, or a bit more pessimistic and downtrodden.”

To him it’s indicative of the life of an artist. One day things are great and you’re turning down work, and the next you’re scrounging through the couch for a loose dollar. “I think artists are bi-polar by nature,” he said. “Sometimes you’re sitting and waiting for the phone to ring, and sometimes you’re out doing your own thing.”

It’s this world Kyprios has tried to capture on the mic and present with Midnight Sun, which he hopes has the legs to survive the times.

“It’s hard to make something that lasts through the news cycle,” he said. “This time I hope people can cling on to these songs that might mean more to the fabric of their personality, rather than just have them give a single listen.”

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