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Jacq Smith (she/her) is a Vancouver-based artist whose dynamic performance ability, and versatile background, inform her work in dance, theatre, and choreography.


Movement has been an integral part of Jacq’s life since the age of 4. She is a graduate of the Edmonton School of Ballet’s professional program, and has studied across Canada, embracing numerous styles of dance throughout her life.


Jacq is consistently expanding her repertoire in the performing arts, including voice, acting, and circus. She has completed three summers with Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, participating in dance and choreography residencies, under the Artistic Direction of Emily Molnar.


As a performing artist, dance educator and choreographer, Jacq has worked across Canada on both large and small-scale productions, in a variety of disciplines, from contemporary dance to musical theatre. Jacq has also been an Artist-in-Residence, and guest artist, with Small Stage since 2019.


Jacq is interested in reflecting the world we live in through her artistic practice. Her creation process brings images and ideas to life by connecting with audiences through real-life, story-driven material that challenges the performers and explores a variety of dynamics, textures and moods.

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