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Kevin "Kevo" Cabell, current Rukus Avenue Radio host, is an American Comedian/Writer/Actor/Host. He has been entertaining audiences for years, starting with the family living room, and advancing to comedy's biggest stages.

Kevo got his start performing comedy in North Hollywood, CA., before a crowd that included his Grandmother, Grandfather, and Aunt. From there, he graduated to performing on stages all over the world. Kevo  has gone on to do BET's Comicview, and along with standup at The Laugh Factory, and The comedy store.


Kevo has even hosted his own sketch-comedy show on the YRN network entitled " Change Da Game" which featured co-stars Jackie Long (ATL,Idyllwild) , and Iva LaShawn (The Wash).  As a writer Kevo has written sketches, characters, and even one liners for ESPN Basketball Analyst Mark Jackson. One such line was even featured on Sports Center as featured Mark Jackson highlight. 


His acting roles have included Feature Films, Comedic Sitcoms such as "My Name is Earl", among others.  He made his music video debut as the drummer in the Lizzie McGuire music video "Why Not" for Disney's " The Lizzie McGuire Movie".


Kevo is currently hosting the weekly podcast "The Great Northern Way" in Vancouver, British Columbia. The podcast is weekly dive into all things Canadian life, Celebrities and Dating life in "The North".  He enjoys entertaining crowds, with thought provoking dialogue that brings a smile, and a conversation.

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