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Tasha got her start making art as soon as she could hold a crayon, creating clumsy faces on construction paper at the tender age of two. Since then she has experimented and developed her skills.


Those who know Tasha well, know that she can be unfocused and impulsive, hopping from one project to another, often without finishing them. She's come to understand that generally the piece she's working on needs to shape up quickly so she's less likely to get distracted.


Her resulting body if work is eclectic and varied in medium, color pallet and style, but as a whole, she generally refers to her style as "abstract realism". Wildlife portraiture is her preferred subject, and she frequently goes hiking with her camera in the hopes of capturing images for use in her work.


Naturally introverted, she's come to love painting for a crowd, where she's often free to flow between interaction and focus.

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