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Acoustic Groove forges an exotic mix of pop, soul, and r&b music, easily identified by the soulful vocal blend and spare instrumentation.


Band Leader, Tony Chamberlist befriended vocalist extraordinaire Mike Taylor, after meeting in a Vancouver area shop that retailed used musical instruments.  Originally from England, Mike settled on the West Coast after spending several years in Saskatchewan. Tony recognized Mike as the perfect musician for the group with his pocketed acoustic guitar style, and intuitively soulful vocals.


Today Acoustic Groove performs at various venues and configurations, from a pared down duo (guitar and hand drum), trio (guitar, percussion and keyboards), or can even expand to a full band that are part of the Acoustic Groove continuum. 


The music has matured like a fine wine, and includes superb interpretations of pop, soul, and r&b classics, as well as exciting original compositions.  Acoustic Groove would love to perform at your venue or private function!  

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