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Emily Taylor Adams started singing publically at the age of 10 in local malls, fairs, fundraisers and small events, covering the Dixie Chicks and Christmas songs. Embracing all performance opportunities, she graced her first main stage with a band at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival in Merritt, BC at the age of 13, and was quickly identified as the local Country Sweetheart.

A wholesome and genuine individual, Emily has developed a special and personal relationship with her fans. Having experienced bullying in her school years, she understands the complexities within the current generation and uses her music to deliver messages that are positive and uplifting - empowering her listeners with a sense of comfort in knowing ‘there’s no such thing as normal’.

Understanding the necessary ingredients for success, Emily has taken the time to build a team of experts around her that she can trust and depend on. She remains active in her pursuit for the next set of perfect songs and messages to place on her 2nd album, and frequents Nashville, TN where she continues to develop her network and writes regularly with various hit songwriters.

With her powerful and angelic vocal delivery, Emily and her band are ready for a busy tour schedule and are looking forward to bringing their stage show to the fans.

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