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TriloJay (4-piece).jpg

Vancouver’s Most Versatile

Event Band!

Introducing, Jay Leonard Juatco, Jay Esplana, Jason Nickel, Jonny Holisko, Erica Elliot and Phoenix Lauren, six of BC’s most talented and energetic performers and one of Vancouver’s most versatile Dance bands.

Beyond the razorblade grooves, adrenaline-fueled stageshow, and mastery of their art, Trilojay is about the experience of music. One can experience Trilojay either from the dense heat on the dance floor or the inspired creativity in their arrangements. Regardless of the means of enjoyment, the group has something inspiring and captivating to emit beyond the boundaries of the stage’s edge.

The musicians in this event band are among the elite in the industry and their goal is to create something new yet completely familiar to the people. Outstandingly versatile, quickly adaptable, and attune to the emotion of the crowd, Trilojay
is always ready to fill the dance floor and keep it crowded till the last downbeat.

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