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Jumping straight in, I port people and I spin left. More so I base Hand to Hand, Banquine, and Russian Bar and Cradle. The spinning left? Well this is what started it all, it was what took me away from one obscure job choice into another - the Cyr wheel. Cyr quickly became my obsession, drowning out other hobbies almost overnight. The dizzies, the crushed fingers, the countless times being tossed on the ground by this cruel piece of metal, mental fatigue and physical pain...worth it. Cyr showed me new places of the world and opened different doors, one such door was hand to hand.

While Cyr wheel is cold and cruel, hand to hand is warm and cruel. Cruel as in with Cyr if you make a mistake you will fall and the wheel will try to come crashing down onto your head, with hand to hand you make a mistake and your flyer tries to come crashing down onto your head, but then asks you if you're okay? But atlas we've done it, we've ran away and joined the circus!

Matthew Bagshaw, international award winning circus performer. 

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