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There is little Gideon and Ashley haven't sacrificed for the sake of their love and their music. They have flown thousands upon thousands of miles, lost jobs, said goodbye to family members and started from scratch several times over just to be together. 

Now, with a new baby in tow, Gideon and Ashley are embarking again on new adventures and new music. 


Originally from Uganda, Gideon fuses his East African heritage into every song he writes, gleaning inspiration from the greats such as Sauti Sol, Maurice Kirya, and Juliana Kanyomozi. 

Ashley immersed herself in The Great American Songbook from an early age listening to an eclectic selection of musicians ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Ms. Lauryn Hill. Ashley grew up in and around Vancouver but treasures the short time she spent living in Uganda. 


Gideon and Ashley are singers, songwriters and musicians based out of Vancouver, Canada.

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