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This year is emerging as an exciting time for the Darb yMills Project. This will be a new era for the veteran performer, having just released the new CD titled "LIVE"  The Darby Mills Project.


Recorded at the Russian Hall by the Award-winning producer/engineer Ron Obvious. ( Little Mountain and the Warehouse Studios)
Her fans will love the energy, vibe, and passion reborn in Darby and her new team of veteran ROCKERS.
DMP features Randy Gabel guitar and vocals, Dave Hopia bass and vocals, Doug Rasmussen keys and vocals, and Chris Murray Driver drums.
TODAY, like a glass of finely matured red wine, Darby has ventured back to her passion and kick it out of the park live performances.

Come enjoy her story, and journey through the years along with some classics that will take you back in time. Originals that will be bringing you to the present and their new works to form memories for the future!

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