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Meet David C. Jones: Coach, Teacher, Keynote Speaker, Actor, Filmmaker, Host/Emcee, Improv Artist, and a “Comic Chameleon”.

As a former caregiver and an active coach, David's chief joy, his reason for living, is helping people. Guiding them to unleash themselves and get out of their own way, to expand their experiences, to push past the boundaries of what they thought was possible.

David has grown from a bullied and abused young man into an adult who has won awards for advocacy work, teaching, and comedy. He has performed and taught workshops around the world, produced a television series and was the Entertainment Manager for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. David was once named one of the Top 20 Improvisers in Canada and was even nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for “Pretty Funny Improviser". He founded two different improvised comedy groups that travelled the world and created an improvised  TV show called Tops & Bottoms - The Improv Show. He works as a corporate entertainer improvising for top 500 companies.

David loves seeing happy, laughing people, and if he has to dress up as a wild fun-loving character, he will! He’s got a lot of wigs and costumes in his tickle trunk and he’s not afraid to use them!

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