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Ray is a passionate pianist, singer & songwriter living in Vancouver, BC. 

Since the age of 13 until today he has gained lots of experience by playing on several gigs such as classical recitals, accompanying singers and other instruments, singing cover songs at venues, recording music & more. 

He has taken many music courses such as voice training, production workshops, composition, etc. Later on he entered the Bachelor Degree of Music at the UAN (Nayarit) where he learned technique, classical repertoire, music theory, harmony, counterpoint, chamber music, among others, and had taken master classes with classical pianists such as Alain del Real, Isaac Nammé, Ulises Hernández, Andrés Sarré, Nika Jonicenoka, and José Luis Gonzalez Moya.

Ray has written more than 20 songs for his own music project and for others as well. His first single 'I Know' was released in February 2023 and it marks the beginning of his solo music career in Canada. 

Pianist by profession, Ray loves music in general, from playing classical piano, singing, playing drums and composing, passion and quality can be expected from him every time he engages with a music project.

In Vancouver, he has worked with Rice & Beans Theatre company as a guitarist, cultural and music consultant, arranger and composer in their ‘MADE IN CANADA: An agricultural song cycle'.

He has also worked as a singer & guitarist with ‘Los Dorados’ Premier Mariachi band since February 2019.

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