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Santa's Brass was formed by band leader Ron Smith. For the first 20 years the band performed exclusivly as a 6 piece group the (SIXUVUS).
Currently the group performs as a 3 to 4-piece band for Holiday events for indoor and outdoor gatherings or for larger venues, can be expanded to a 9 or 10- piece band. The Instrumentation of the 5 piece group is: 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba, and drums. The Instrumentation of the piece group is: trumpet, trombone and tuba.
The band is very mobile and can quickly move from one location to the next. The band has performed in many locations and at a great variety of events encluding: marching in parades, performing at shopping malls, and leading in head tables at conventions.
The Band has a large selection of of everyone's Holiday Classic carols!

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