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Our Engagement experts feature award-winning speakers, facilitators, and performers who help companies and organizations engage, connect, entertain and educate guests at meetings, conferences and special events.


Mud Pie Kitchens:

Teams work in groups to win packages of materials and build outdoor play kitchens or buddy benches. These items are made from natural materials for daycares and elementary schools in areas where kids need the most support. The goal is to encourage collaboration, communication, and creativity while giving back to the community in a hugely impactful way.  Includes: Facilitators, event managers, and carpenter for team building components and logistics, all materials, customization, and selection and delivery to daycares/schools.


Scavenger Hunt:

The Amazing Race-inspired app-based scavenger hunt with live actors! In this ridiculously fun activity, we custom design team challenges throughout Vancouver or Whistler based on your learning objectives and brand values. The challenges are artistic, physical, logic-based, exploratory, and FUN! Teams are welcomed by our expert facilitators, who set them up for game success and play a fun ice breaker to get everyone excited for the activity ahead. Teams then use iPads to locate missions and take creative photos and videos to earn points. Our in-character actors/facilitators surprise participants along the way with fun-themed interactive missions. The game can end in an awards ceremony with a slide show of the images captured by each team, photo opportunities and feel-good fun.


Family Feud:

Join Richard Dawson Jr. as he hosts your very own customized version of the hit game show Family Feud! This version gets the whole gang involved with 3 rounds of questions with 10-15 team members per round. A lightning round face-off determines the winner and everyone is treated to a fun game of Name that Tune. We bring an amazing host, assistant, and everything needed to create the best experience for your guests.  The top 5 answers are on the board…let’s play!

Name That Tune:

An awesomely fun, on-trend group activity that gets participants up on their feet, singing, dancing, and battling head-to-head in the ultimate music competition. Your classic game show host will divide the room in half and pit teams against each other in a series of music-based games: TUNE TRIVIA: A round of light-hearted pub-style music trivia with questions like “Which rockstar wrote the infamous Bangles hit ‘Manic Monday’?”. SHAKE IT OFF DANCE-OFF: Representatives from each team are called up to show off their best moves to Taylor Swift’s dance hit “Shake it Off”. Top contenders on each side must face off before a neutral judging party and show off their best “Running Man” “Sprinkler” or even “Fax Machine” - whatever they can rock with the most confidence! BLIND KARAOKE: An iconic pop/rock song is played, but right before the chorus, the music is cut and guests must guess the next set of lyrics. e.g. “Wake me up, before you go-go, don’t leave me hangin’ on..."


Improv Comedy:

Our award-winning comedic improvisers know how to grab the crowd fast and then dazzle them with a performance that’s full of action, audience participation and belly laughs. Improv Comedy is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that has generated worldwide applause, praise and recommendations from thousands of performances! In advance of the show, we send you a questionnaire asking for info about your audience. This will be used as the basis for the content of the performance. During the show actors ask for input from the audience and improvise comedy sketches and games on the spot - much like the popular TV series “Whose Line is It Anyway?” or the quick-witted comedy you would see at an Improv club around the world.

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