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The Little Red Ball Company

LRB Disco Hula.jpg
LRB LED Group.jpg

The Little Red Ball Company is an elite performance company with decades of experience in the entertainment industry that provides stunning theatrical circus shows and entertainers to clients in Calgary, Alberta as well as internationally. 

They create custom theatrical characters for themed and seasonal events. Their team has extensive training in theatre and clown; allowing our builds to breathe life into the most profound characters, tailored to suit any crowd.

The Little Red Ball Company offers LED stage shows, with optional colors to suit any theme. For indoor/ outdoor activations; awaken and entertain! This live circus animation activates your event by creating unique movement in an unusual environment.

LED props include; Hula Hoop, Juggling, Aerial Lollipop, Stilt Characters, Disco Ball Dancers,Diabolo and more.

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