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In the mid 80's, Ranj started his career performing with many Folk Punjabi and Hindi artists including Harbhajan Mann, in the Vancouver  area.  

In the 90's with the help of award winning artist Dal Hothi, Ranj helped  form — along with his talented brothers — the “Bhangra Rock” group  Dal Dil Vog (a.k.a. DDV).


The group went on to win numerous awards  and shared the stage with artists such as Jan Arden, 54-40, Colin  James, Mathew Good. DDV's unique style of bhangra/rock music led  to tours throughout North America and India, live performances on  Much Music, 3 videos on Much Music, and one on MTV Asia.  

Lately Ranj has been working hard performing over 200 shows a year  as a solo artist. With a very unique voice and accompanied by his  12 string guitar, Ranj’s genre of Indo-Folk Music is melodic and  soothing. It is a combination of suttle Indian melodies with Western  Folk and classic covers. With 3 albums under his belt, Ranj is at the  top of his game.

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