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Sheyanne grew up in the small town of Vanderhoof British Columbia. Since it was a sleepy town without much to do, from an early age Sheyanne turned to her notebook and began writing to pass the time. Igniting a passion within her, Sheyanne knew she wanted to become a writer. After attending a filmmaking camp one summer, Sheyanne decided that she specifically wanted to become a screenwriter. So when she graduated from high school, she set her sights on the Motion Picture Arts program offered at Capilano University.


After completing her bachelor’s degree, Sheyanne started working as a lamp operator in the film industry. However, after one too many 15 hour shifts, Sheyanne wanted to get out and closer to the creative executives. She took an Office Production Assistant job on the production of Snowpiercer. She was on the show for 2 full seasons, yet she found that she didn’t have the time to achieve her writing goals. This past year, Sheyanne decided to leave her job to pursue her passion of writing. She has a feature length film idea that is currently in development, as well as dozens of short stories and personal essays.


During this time away from work, she also learned that she loved to write poetry. Poetry gained her access to a new type of writing language that allowed her freedom of expression. Currently she has written upwards of 150 poems, with only more to come. She has a variety of poems, both rhyming and freeform, with topics ranging from unrequited love, the trials and tribulations of modern dating, personal growth and much more. To help sharpen her skills, Sheyanne will be attending the 2 year Creative Writing program at Capilano University this year. She dreams of the opportunity to share her work publically to an audience, and she hopes to publish a poetry book very soon. Sheyanne also plays ukulele and sings on the side! Sheyanne ultimately is a passionate artist with a desire to create art and share it with the world. 

Sheyanne has recently launched an amazing improvised typewriting poetry offering called One of one.


Sheyanne will use a guest’s chosen prompt, write them a poem on the spot with her Typewriter, then give them a one of a kind poem they take home.


Sheyanne is open and available for any events, weddings or special occasions.

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