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Born in Dubai, raised in Hong Kong and residing in Vancouver, BC Canada. Anushka is a Pop/R&B singer with a background in dancing.


Armed with a powerful voice and a soulful based sound, some of her major artist influences include Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Joss Stone.


Anushka released her first pop-based single "Don't" in late 2021 and has also released a follow-up R&B single, "Move With Me" in January 2022 followed by a remix. With so much love and support from her family and friends, she released an EP last summer with the theme of Love Languages; "With You", "Physical Touch" & "Tell Me". Earlier in June, she released her latest single "Somethin' Better"!

Recently, she's been accompanied by five very talented musicians; Tim Charman playing the bass, Diego Peréz on the drums, Bob Power playing the electric guitar, Bryan Binnema & Steph Jackson on the keys. Together, the band has performed at local venues; The Portside Pub, The Roxy Cabaret, Guilt & Co as well as upcoming performances at the Fox Cabaret & more!

Anushka is working on some new music this fall. Stay tuned!

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