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The Rangers include the following:


EVENT GREETING: welcome, event hype, quick

interactions, photo ops, traffic flow, any

event message/house keeping, set event tone


ROVING COMEDY: The Rangers will rove, giving

select guests novelty "citation" tickets for a wide

range of infractions, such as:

- wearing a colours that may anger a bear

- inappropriate footwear for wilderness


- too good-looking - may attract cougars

- failing to string up food to tree

WRAP UP: The Forest Rangers award the biggest

stand-outs among the guests with the title of

CHFR (Canadian Honorary Forest Ranger) and

guide them through a short but hilarious "oath

of office" ceremony, and hand them their own

Forest Ranger hats.

The Canadian Forest Rangers are original Canadian characters created to be perfect ambassadors for high- profile event programs set in the unique beauty of west coast Canada.


They come with a roster of excellent ice-breaking and team building content options, delivered with the skill of the seasoned

actor/emcee performers who play the rangers.

These roving characters finally give Canadian event planners the perfect option to replace Mounted Police characters, who have gradually become a less appropriate choice to welcome groups of diversity from the US and around the world. Instead of humour based on arrests or security, the rangers bring guests together with kinder, more positive humour.


Ranger Rusty Pines and Ranger Leif E. Green will greet guests in their authentic uniforms- breaking the ice with snappy one-liners and dynamic interaction. Their job at your event is to find from among your guests three new recruits to the Canadian Forest Rangers, swear them in at the end of the program and award

them with their Canadian Forest Ranger Hats.

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