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The Caminando Carolers are one of THE premiere Christmas caroling groups in the Lower Mainland. Now in their 21st season, they regularly perform both traditional and contemporary Christmas music during the holiday season at shopping centres, corporate events, extended care facilities and special functions all over the Lower Mainland. Clients include HBC, Finning, Oakridge Centre and The Teahouse. The Caminando Carolers are available as a duo or as a trio. All of the arrangements are up to three-part harmony and the songs range in diversity from beautifully arranged pop and jazz holiday hits to obscure 13th Century Christmas carols. With nearly sixty Christmas songs in their repertoire and their beautiful hand made Victorian costumes, the Caminando Carolers adds the perfect touch to any holiday event. They also have an alternate look - Santa & Black, which consists of red and white Santa capes, Santa hats, black dress and plenty of bling!

All of the members of Caminando Carolers are skilled and experienced musicians. In addition to leading their own solo acts, most of singers in Caminando Carolers are members of leading professional ensembles such as the Laudate Singers. Nearly all of the members have sung on choral, jazz and pop recordings. Each member of Caminando Carolers has plenty of experience performing for many different audiences. The Caminando Carolers will perform in any place that you like. They will perform on a stage or they will stroll through the shopping mall or through the room as they sing. They will even lead a group sing-a-long.