WARREN DEAN FLANDEZ Award-winning, JUNO nominated Canadian recording artist Warren Dean Flandez describes his music simply as “songs with purpose”. But with an EP that debuted #2 on the iTunes Inspirational Charts Top 100, this Yellowknife born vocalist has rediscovered his church roots, reignited his faith and found solace in creating inspirational Canadian gospel music with his anticipated full length album ‘Eternally Grateful’.


SHARI ULRICH I've been incredibly fortunate on this road. I've released lots of albums (21) and been in lots of trios (3) with remarkably talented, handsome and wonderful men - Rick Scott & Joe Mock of The Pied Pumkin, Bill Henderson & Roy Forbes in UHF, Barney Bentall & Tom Taylor in BTU, and of course a gaggle of them in The Hometown Band and now The High Bar Gang. Lucky, lucky girl.


DAWN PEMBERTON A passionate songwriter and performer Dawn crafts her music with a sense of adventure, quirkiness, and serious groove and shapes it into her own unique and dynamic package.Tight, expressive and bold, Dawn will hit you where it counts, funk you up and make you say “Go ‘head!” ​


STAR CAPTAINS Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Star Captains are taking the world by storm with their infectious grooves, captivating musicality, and unforgettable live performances. Following their first album, New Freedoms (2013), the Captains have only gone further in forging their vibrant and distinct sound.


KYPRIOS In life there’s ups and downs, good moments, terrible ones, hate, love, and everything in between. This natural law is personified in Midnight Sun, the next personal and introspective CD from Vancouver’s own Hip Hip recording artist, Kyprios.


TONYE AGANABAS Tonye now has a new career trajectory. One that involves connecting deeper with her audience and that sees her creating a new community for herself. She's not only interested in taking her music to the traditional venues but into schools, community centers, hospitals and generally places where her music can heal, connect and make a difference.


ANGELA KELMAN My album “Mirrorball” released in July 2017, and features 8 original Disco songs by myself and Allan Rodger. My lifetime love of disco spawned my dream band, The Polyester Philharmonic. I’ve been performing a retro repertoire with them for the past 15 years so it was a long overdue leap to write and record a disco album with several members of this funky family!


KUTAPIRA Born out of a forward-thinking educational initiative introducing youth to global rhythms, formed in 2005 through a Canada Council program matching professional artists and students, Kutapira have hardly had a chance to reflect on their achievements. Through the motivation and mentoring of Artistic Director, Jack Duncan and percussion maestro, Myles Bigelow, the group is forging new links between the traditions of Zimbabwe’s marimba music and the rhythmic soul of Afro Cuban drumming.