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It all started at the beginning of 2015 when Chloé was in the UK and her mother Dawn encouraged Chloe to learn to DJ after everything in her life fell apart. “Sometimes everything needs to come crashing down to be rebuilt again” and that’s exactly what happened…Her Mother bought her a DJ controller for her birthday in January “I had a vision, so I bought a microphone to go with my controller and decided I was going to learn to sing and DJ at the same time!” Chloé recalls.

Chloé decided to fly to Vancouver, Canada for the summer of 2015. She immediately began booking shows, showcasing her Singing and DJ skills. After the summer ended, returning back to the UK, Chloe was determined to move back to Canada at the end of the year. Chloé stayed true to her goals and came back to Vancouver just in time for the New Years Eve, which she celebrated into 2016 DJing at Shark Club.


From that moment on Chloé’s DJ career took off. She has worked with brands such as Guess, Adidas, RYU, Topshop and more. Also working at Graduation parties at schools and colleges. Chloé has performed in the city and all over the province for events such as the Honda Celebration of Lights, Black Hills Estate, YPO EDGE Conferences, Splash Gala, opened for Kelly Clarkson at the Vancouver Convention Centre and performed at the after-show party for Coldplay at Parq Casino.

Chloé has introduced and branded a new unique style as a DJ into the industry, merging her live vocals & instrumentation into her DJ sets with genres from Dance, House, Funk, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Old School and her own original music. Creating something truly extraordinary and original, giving her audience an unparalleled music experience. 

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