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Sound Machine is the ultimate dance cover band that will thrill you with their renditions of the new wave sounds of the 80’s, the alternative sounds of the 90’s, and the cutting-edge sounds of the 2000’s. These veterans of the Vancouver music scene guarantee a non-stop party on the dance floor that will leave you asking for more. Get ready to move and groove to the infectious beats of Sound Machine!


Jessica is the powerhouse front-woman that entertains as smoothly as she sings. Don't let appearances fool you; while she looks like the girl-next-door, she's a rocker at heart and can belt it out with the best of them.


Henry is the quiet guitarist that loves to add a touch of rock to pop songs. Truth be known, he loves ABBA, but has given up on trying to get the rest of the band to play "Does Your Mother Know".


Paul on bass and Matt on drums make up the rock-steady rhythm section that compels even the most rhythmically-challenged people to move. As they say, "it's all about the bass"...but a good 4/4 drum beat doesn't hurt either.

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