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Ventriloquist and family entertainer Kellie Haines started talking to her puppets at the age of 8 and when they started talking back, she knew she had a show.


Kellie has a BA in drama and is a multitalented entertainer with a background in theatre, clowning, singing and dance. Kellie’s music connects with audiences both young and old with her catchy tunes and playful puppets who also sing. Her musical ventriloquist shows combine witty repartee with songs you can dance to and bring important themes to kids such as believing in yourself, embracing diversity and celebrating nature. Kellie’s Musical Vent shows are hilarious and full of spontaneity. She performs at festivals, schools and theatres across Canada and as a puppeteer for tv.


Kellie’s dream came true when she worked as a puppeteer for a Jim Henson TV show called Turkey Hollow. Kellie’s technical skill as a ventriloquist is dazzling and will pull the audience right inside the stories she creates with her puppets. Even adults wonder who is pulling the strings.

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