Shyama-Priya began her journey of learning to pow wow dance as a teen. Dancing helped Shyama-Priya in many ways to build confidence, and gave her a purpose and a sense of self.


Shyama-Priya is a of Celtic Icelandic and
Indigenous Cree descent from her mothers side. From her late Dad's side, she is Bihari. Having mixed heritage and questions being raised about identity, she had to ask herself why she dances?


There are many people who feel lost and unsure of where they come from or where they fit in. Dancing connected Shyama-Priya to her spirit. It connected her to a part of herself that goes beyond the physical reality.

Sometimes we meet people who see something in us, that we don’t see in ourselves. When Shyama-Priya met Coast Salish dancer, Curtis Joe over 20 years ago, aka her uncle, he sat down beside her and invited her to join pow wow dance classes. He showed her the importance of having a instructor who takes the time to help others realize there own potential.


Our gifts are our blessings and to honor
our gifts, we must share them. Learning to dance changed her life and even if one person finds connection to themselves by learning, then Shyama Priya feels she 
has honoured her traditions by passing them down to others.