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Introducing an unparalleled addition to your event program – the magic of indoor and outdoor drone light shows! With indoor drone light shows, transform your event spaces into enchanting landscapes of light and creativity. Additionally, these outdoor shows provide an unparalleled experience over the stunning waters, offering an exclusive aerial view for attendees and guests. 


Unparalleled Visual Impact: Mesmerize attendees with cutting-edge technology and artistic choreography.


Fully Customizable: Tailor the show to match the theme and branding of each event.


Flexible Space Utilization: Indoor shows for conferences or trade shows, and outdoor spectacles displayed over the water.


Outdoor Drone Light Shows: 

(require a minimum of 6-8 weeks for permit applications)


50 Drones: An excellent choice for solid, 2D shapes and imagery, especially in spaces with constraints. 


100 Drones: The added drones provide the capability to paint the sky with volumetric, 3D shapes and dynamic animations.


200 Drones: The pinnacle of outdoor drone shows, offering higher resolution, more dimension, detail, and intricate animations.


Indoor Drone Light Shows:

10 Drones: Perfect for smaller spaces, creating visually stunning displays and basic formations to captivate any audience


30 Drones: A mid-tier option, offering enhanced lighting and intricate patterns, suitable for larger indoor venues and conferences.


50 Drones: Craft elaborate and dynamic indoor aerial shows, showcasing complex designs and engaging animations.


Elevate your event by including an experience your guests won't forget.

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