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Nikita Afonso Trio Photo Small.tiff

Jazz Coast is an in demand Vancouver Jazz Trio formed by three local musicians - vocalist Nikita Afonso, guitarist Adrian Emond and pianist Mitch Osterreicher.


Having formed in 2022 for a Pan Pacific residency, this trio quickly found their place in the events and wedding industry. Nikita's delicate yet soulful voice accompanied by Adrian and Mitch's captivating musicianship is perfect for intimate events such as wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, and dinner parties. 


Jazz Coast loves to perform cover songs ranging from Pop to Jazz by artists such as The Eagles, Elvis and Taylor Swift to Ed Sheeran and Etta James. With a wide range of songs and genres along with over a decade of experience, Jazz Coast has the ability to captivate audiences from the vibrant young to the charming old. 

Jazz Coast is also available as a Pop/Classics duo or trio act or as a Jazz duo or trio act. 

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