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Dani Camacho is a Filipino-Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music instructor from Vancouver, BC. Her passion for music and love for singing started when she was six years old. 


After producing covers and writing songs for years, Dani released her first single, “Closer Than It Seems”, in March 2021. As a singer-songwriter, she creates music to cultivate connection and healing, through diary-like lyrics and a folk, pop, and rock influenced sound. Since then, Dani has released two more singles, the latest is called “Twisted”, a soft pop ballad about heartbreak and unrequited love. As an emerging artist of Vancouver’s Music Scene, she can be heard performing live at local music venues, restaurants, community events, and seasonal markets.


In addition, Dani completed an intensive Music Diploma program at Capilano University, and a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Music at the University of British Columbia, with distinction. She is a passionate music instructor; giving her students a learning experience that allows them to grow as singers and as human beings. Dani’s practice is guided by 4 core values: connection, vulnerability, healing, and empowerment, and these reflect in her music, teaching, and everyday life. 

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