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Luc LeMans is taking classic grooves back to the dance floor! With the help of a guitar, loop-station, and drum machine, his live party sets recreate the timeless sounds of the music you know and love, bringing to life the big hits of rock, pop, soul, and funk. Delivering the high-octane energy of a full ensemble, LeMans’ “one-man band” act is guaranteed to bring the party, whatever the occasion!


His show-stopping live performances have secured him countless spots in Vancouver events and festivals, including the BMO Marathon, the Honda Celebration of Light, and many more. For mellower occasions, Luc LeMans also enjoys performing smooth, acoustic-electric lounge sets, performing the hits of Motown, soft rock, and R&B. 


In the studio, Luc LeMans is a one-man music machine, writing, recording, and producing all of his own tracks. Inspired by the sounds of classic radio, LeMans’ era-hopping approach to songwriting has earned his music radio play all across Canada and the USA. From timeless covers to show-stopping originals, LeMans' performances always guarantees a good time! 

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