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Ballyhooley brings the rich musical traditions of Ireland, Scotland, and Atlantic Canada to their home by the Salish Sea. A versatile group for any occasion, Ballyhooley has delighted audiences since 2005 at community and cultural celebrations, corporate events, weddings, ceilidhs and everything in between. 

Multi-instrumentalists Tim, Glenn, Vanessa and Annie combine Uilleann pipes, fiddle, Irish bouzouki, whistle, flute, guitar, mandolin and concertina in ever-changing combinations, together with singing. Influences include Planxty, Lunasa, Great Big Sea, and Spirit of the West.

Between dancing to jigs and reels, festival crowds are invited to sing along to original and favourite choruses. Unplugged in a community hall or living room, Ballyhooley brings an intimate and unforgettable experience of traditional Celtic music.

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