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Dina started learning calligraphy in summer 2018, after her mom was discharged from the hospital for depression and psychosis. They started a creative venture called Jennidi Creative (Jenny + Dina), where her mother would paint and Dina would do calligraphy, because she wanted her to feel more involved.

After selling some greeting cards together in December 2018, Dina decided to try something new and start hosting calligraphy workshops in Vancouver. One workshop became two. Two became three. Three became 10, and then 10 became 20.

Dina enjoyed running a side business so much that she took the leap and quit her 9-5 job in summer 2019. (Super long story short!)

At the beginning of 2020, she changed the name of the business from Jennidi Creative to Dina Calligraphy, because her mom wasn’t as involved as before and she has made calligraphy her full-fledged career.

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