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Based in Vancouver, the Rio Samaya Band is made up of Pancho and Sal, partners in life as well as in music, which is full of wonderfully enchanting latin rhythms and romantic melodies in Spanish including some Italian, English and French songs.

10 years ago Pancho and Sal created " Rio Samaya Band" with the concept and project to tour Canada and the world like a duo and build up the band joining with local musicians using the  Rio Samaya Band Signature, who has already done hundreds of shows with incredibly talented musicians.

Their goal is to reach as many communities as possible, to share their music and even merge with other world artists to record their original compositions.

With a style that flows through the folkloric traditions of Central and South America,  Rio Samaya music beats to the natural pulse of our planet, writing and  blending it with elements of folk, rock, country, reggae, latin and  rhumba gypsy  rhythms.

Pancho, born in Argentina, plays guitar, many string instruments, flutes and hand percussion.

Sal born in England, grew up in Vancouver and has roots in Argentina, plays accordion, hand percussion instruments and sings ethereal harmonies.  

They have a unique style of translating simultaneously from Spanish to English. Together they create a gentle and compelling sound

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