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WITCHAZEL 37th Anniversary-2022.JPG

A Canadian rock band that rolled out of Edmonton Alberta in 1985, led by Sherman

Von-Riesen. They were one of the hardest working club acts from Ontario to Vancouver Island until their breakup in 1991.


Over their initial 6 years on the road, they had some of the best players and hardest rockers in the biz performing 6 days a week... week after week. They covered bands such as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Queen, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, AC/DC, Bryan Adams, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol,

Judas Priest... just to name a few.


From the beginning Witchazel wrote, recorded and performed their own material live. After releasing their 45’ record in 1987 with “Bad is Better” and “Don’t Turn

Your Love Away”, they gained even more momentum breaking the west coast music scene. In 1989 they signed a professional management contract and started

receiving record label interest. Moving their home base to Vancouver, BC, they completed multiple studio projects with their most successful being a project together with producer Ray Harvey (guitarist with Kick Axe). When asked to reform

for Tushfest-X Sept, 2018 in Edmonton Canada, the hunt began for “The Lost Witchazel Tapes”. With the help of Ray, the remastering of an album began and the

boys are still back!

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