Tiffany Desrosiers


With an enrapturing sound that guarantees to send shivers down your spine and make your hair stand on end, Saskatchewan born Tiffany Desrosiers brings powerhouse vocals akin to the likes of Celine Dion and Sia.

Her sound is founded in her captivating vocals, incorporating breathtaking high notes and power with complete control. With a brilliant capacity of breathing life into lyrics and melodies, her voice has been described as ‘soft enough to stroke flames but also booming with enough power to light up a city grid'.

Tiffany has shared the stage with David Foster, Mark Masri, Ben Harper, Jackson Browne, and Loverboy, to name a few, performed as a background vocalist on recordings for Rita MacNeil, Mýa and Melanie B (Spice Girls), and she performed with Universal/Decca classical crossover group ‘The Three Graces’.  Upon a seven-week expediter to record and network in Los Angeles in 2009, Tiffany recorded with Ari Levine who eventually became a key founder of the Smeezingtons, production team and songwriters behind names such as Bruno Mars and Adele.


Tiffany has accumulated a range of charity fundraising appearances including TEDx Vancouver 2012, 2010 BC Summer Games, Variety Children’s Charity, CTV Canada AM and Global TV Christmas Show and Canuck Place Charity Event “The Gift of Time".