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The Piano Men are a Vancouver based Dueling Piano act featuring Richard Sera and Andre Kunkel; a duo that promises plenty of Elton John, Billy Joel and other piano-heavy hits, along with sing-alongs and plenty of side-splitting banter.


The Piano Men's duelling pianos show involves lots of audience interaction, and the two musicians have a playful competitiveness. They constantly try to outdo each other with their piano playing and singing to see who can be the better dueler – all in good fun of course! There is a lot of comedy involved in the show and they genuinely have a really good time with their audience.

Richard Sera and Andre Kunkel have been making music together for a long time, including their days in Dr. Strangelove. They have done all kinds of gigs together, from corporate events to being the house band at the Roxy Nightclub (on Vancouver’s Granville Street), and have travelled the world together doing gigs, so their chemistry and ability to perform together is extremely strong.

On tour, Sera has performed with Loverboy, Tom Cochrane, The Payolas, Trooper, Prism and other bands. His music-career highlights include appearing on The Tonight Show and a year-long tour opening for Bon Jovi, including two sold-out nights at London’s Wembley Stadium. Andre Kunkel is well known as a song-writer as well as one of the original members of Dr Strangelove who has backed up many popular classic rock and country acts including Barney Bentall, Bill Hendreson, Mike Reno, Darby Mills and Aaron Pritchett.


Richard and Andre look  forward to dueling it out at your next event!

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