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The Magic Company  went from producing and performing magic shows all over Canada, to streaming and performing magic all over the globe.

Jonah and Ben have put together a virtual show that takes place through the screen and in your hands, and is guaranteed to blow your mind!

They’ve been satisfying virtual clients with large groups like Cornell University, Accenture, and Chai Lifeline and entertaining small groups like Camp Webby, Calgary Counselling and the AGC.

It’s a magic show that takes place over the internet, from the comfort of your own home made special for you and your team.

Just like you, we’re stuck in our home for weeks instead of on big stages across the country. So we’ve designed a magic show that is virtually impossible!

We’ve created an experience that utilizes the online virtual nature as a strength instead of a weakness. We’ve designed magic that:

  • Is highly interactive

  • Takes place in YOUR hands (yes that’s right)

  • Changes based on your interaction and engagement

This is an experience that couldn’t exist in a theatre. It can only exist in the comfort of your own home.

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