The Dueling Piano-ettes are two beautifully talented ladies that rock the keys and the microphones!


These two talented Ladies can best be described as two very entertaining piano players who also sing while performing on two pianos that face each other, playing mainly UPBEAT songs that everyone loves and recognizes, while throwing in some good natured comedy for good measure.  


The rules of engagement typically involve an all request environment, where the audience members write down requests on little pieces of paper and include a tip if they want their song to have a better chance of being honoured.  The audience members take their pieces of paper with their requests written down and put them on top of the pianos.  Soon the pianos are full of requests and the dueling piano players start to work their way through the requests, typically starting with the biggest tips first. 


When you mention Dueling Pianos, a lot of people think of a somewhat subdued style of music, but to the contrary, is anything but. The Dueling Piano-ettes have a natural interaction with each other which is obvious from an audiences perspective and always come up with an appropriate repertoire for the night. Their song list is nothing short of impressive from a wide list of well-known acts. They add their own personalities and interactions with the audience which makes for a very engaging performance!

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