"Offering Only The Finest Entertainment
For Your Special Event"


DJ and Drummer, is a high-energy act that merges the modern sound of a live DJ with the explosive energy of Drums.

They've performed around the world with names such as T-Pain, Train, Backstreet Boys, Journey and countless high-profile events, making them the one of the most experienced DJ and Drummer duo's available.

From the moment they start playing, you'll know why it's important to hire such an experienced group like Side Project. They know how to read a crowd and they know how to get a crowd going!

The show music is Open Format. So they creatively play and blend from all genres and decades seamlessly. Make sure to check out some of our videos to see the different styles of music that Side Project plays.

Every Side Project performance is unique and high energy. Your audience can't help but get into the music as they hear the DJ and Drummer Go off for hours!

Visually, your audience is going to love their show! Whether they are watching Archer Explode on his LED Drums for our regular show or watching Jonny manipulate & control the 3D Mapping Graphics in our new show FOCUS3D (pronounced ˈfō-kesed).