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Canadian recording artist and singer-songwriter Patrick Masse started his professional career in the country music scene with the release of his debut album, "Get There From Here" (1998), which garnered him a nomination for the prestigious BCCMA Ray MacAuley Horizon Award.

Patrick’s second album "Mend The Man", charted two singles in 2009. Extensive airplay of the two albums has earned Patrick a loyal fan base and established him as an artist who consistently stands on the leading edge of inclusivity.


His recent single, "Little Bit of Saturday" (which Patrick co-wrote) was produced by Kuya Productions – best known for working with Alessia CaraJRDNShawn Desman and Kelly Clarkson.

Currently sitting on the BCCMA Board of Directors, Patrick is very involved in BC’s thriving country music industry – both as an artist and entrepreneur – and consistently commits his talent, energy, and resources to the west coast’s rich, ever-evolving arts scene.

Plans are underway for the release of Patrick’s new single and video Let’s Ride in 2020, with a self-titled EP to follow.

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