They’re called One More Girl.  Except, actually, they’re two.  It’s the contradictory sorta thing you’re going to get from this pair, that paradoxical, off-balance, “Huh?” factor.  It’s what they do. 

Just take the music:  There isn’t really a category for the country-alt-rock-pop locomotive that One More Girl rides with such riotous abandon, but to judge from the response they get every time they lean into a microphone, what the hell – they’ve become their own genre.  There's a reason they've sparked standing O’s from jaded, SWAG-choked radio station staff; there's a reason they've been signed to multi-release major deals alongside label mates like Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, Luke Bryan and Lady Gaga.  

These show biz vets belie their youth with fistfuls of credits. They’ve shared stages with the likes of Lady Antebellum, Toby Keith and Jason Aldean.  They’ve also performed before thousands at major events like the Calgary Stampede and the Merritt Mountain Music Festival.  


The first thing audiences notice about One More Girl is that sublime, pristine blend of voices, the sort of razor-cut and effortless harmonies only ever delivered by siblings. Expertly trained siblings, as it turns out.  Both McKillip parents are songwriters with a long list of material cut by other artists, while dad – Tom McKillip – is also an award-winning guitarist, band leader and sought after record producer.  Britt and Carly’s fates were sealed at birth.  

They’re called One More Girl. Except, actually, they’re two.

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