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Nette kickstarted her career playing all over Vancouver, Canada, and gained attention for her storytelling and sultry smooth vocals. She brings an infectiously bubbly presence to her performances and her songs are a vulnerable yet optimistic glimpse into personal struggles, self-doubt, and self-discovery. She is an advocate for women in the music industry and is paving her way as an artist, songwriter, and producer. Through sharing her musical journey with others she has built an audience of over 175 thousand on TikTok.

Nette’s first single she wrote, recorded and produced, ‘Feelings,’ was released on all streaming platforms on Oct 15th 2021. Her follow up singles, ‘Miss My Friends’ and ‘Lovesick released Jan. 14th and Feb 11th 2022. She has since garnered more than 60,000 streams and thousands of listeners from around the world. She is currently working on new releases for Summer 2022.

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