Luis Giraldo

Luis Giraldo specialises in Instrumental or Vocal Jazz, Latin, and Smooth Pop Favourites. We’ve found that this genre of music adds a great mood and will really complement your wedding or reception beautifully.


Originally born in Montreal, Luis Giraldo grew up in Bogota, Colombia. His musical career began playing keyboards and singing with a Rock band in High School – they called it “Shade of Black”, and played mostly covers of U2Miguel Mateos and Soda Stereo songs, among other popular music of the early 90’s.After some touring with “Poligamia”, Giraldo was asked to join Pop star Shakira’s band, in the capacity of keyboardist, acoustic rhythm guitarist and vocalist, and he went on to perform with her on 40+ shows all over North, Central, and South America.Upon finishing that tour, Giraldo moved to Vancouver to pursue Audio Engineering studies at Columbia Academy, went on to study composition at SFU, all the while growing his interest in Jazz and the American Songbook.

One fine day he was asked to join a trio on a 4-month cruise ship engagement, playing all Jazz standards. This really drew the line in the sand for Giraldo, as he would fully “convert” to Jazz. 


He spent some time aboard Royal Caribbean, Seabourn, and Disney cruise ships, and in 2002 he released his first Jazz album as vocalist, “Day Dream“. He is accompanied on the album by accomplished pianist Chris Sigerson, and well known bassist and producer. The possibilities of configurations (instrumentation) are many. Luis provides his own P.A. system and instruments, including intermission music,and even provide you with a microphone for that important speech.


You’re well on your way to the great music that will make your event unforgettable!

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