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Jen Hodge All Stars are Vancouver’s most authentic and most in-demand early jazz band.  


Jennifer Hodge is a versatile bass player based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Jen is one of the city’s most sought-after musiciansplus she has performed all over Canada, the USA, France, and in the Caribbean, and appears on more than a dozen albums. She has directed and played with groups for CBC Radio and CTV productions, is a regular at major swing dance events all over the Pacific Northwest, and frequently does top-call corporate work as well. First and foremost, Jen has a profound love for making music with other people and for performing, which is evident to everyone who hears her play.


The group’s extensive repertoire, versatility, boundless energy, and deep love for musical spontaneity  makes each All Stars performance different from the next and keeps listeners, dancers, and fellow musicians all coming back for more.