Eden Tremayne is BC's brightest rising opera star. The Soprano has  a Bachelor’s of Music in Opera from UBC and recently started her Masters in Music at UBC.


Eden was blessed with a wonderful opportunity to make her solo debut with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra singing the role of Lisa from Lehar’s operetta Land of Smiles. Singing in the Orpheum and performing with such an amazing orchestra and conductor was a dream come true for the gifted, young vocalist.


Eden has these words of wisdom for aspiring opera singers, "Getting by on talent alone may work for a while, but if you truly want to make it in the music business or any performing or visual art: practice, everyday. Most importantly rejection can sometimes be a part of the package, however let it make you work harder and as Steve Martin puts it “Be so good they can’t ignore you”!"


It is hard to ignore this talented and beautiful opera performer!

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