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Beginning in 2010, DJ Felix remembers going to corporate events, a few night clubs and many weddings. What he saw was a need for passionate and professional people. He realized that he had something to add, that he could make a difference in peoples lives at their most significant moments. ​The moments that mattered. Being a DJ was about more than just the music, it was about personality and professionalism.

DJ Felix started helping as many people as he could, trading services, working for referrals and taking unpaid jobs. He wanted to see if he had what it takes! Turns out he has the right personality, charisma and musical knowledge to make people dance all night long and be entertained. Smiling dancers and high fives where in no short order. He was on to something! The value of good service was beyond the price tag and his plan was to be the best! Deliver the best music, be the most prepared, be well-dressed and polite and offer amazing service!

Fundraisers to corporate functions, 

weddings to anniversaries, sporting events to festivals and many other events in between, let DJ Felix handle what he does best, provide the music, dancing and the fun!