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Chloé Morgan born in London, England, epitomizes an entertainer to the core. From the age of 4 she began training in singing, acting, dancing and playing musical instruments. Her unwavering passion and dedication was awarded with a
scholarship at the prestigious London Studios Centre Performing Arts College, giving her talents a strong foundation.

Chloé’s journey took a significant leap when she became part of the hit British reality show, “Popstars: The Rivals”. The exposure on the show, led to a major record deal with Warner Brothers as a member of the girl group “Clea” in 2002. The group toured the UK opening for renowned acts like Daniel Beddingfield and Blue, making notable appearances on radio and television. From departure of the group, Chloé pursued a solo career where she began to write and produce her own music. Her versatility expanded training as a DJ in the UK, then relocating to Vancouver, Canada, where she established herself as a high-profile Singer and DJ. 


Chloé’s unique style as a DJ, integrating her live vocals & instrumentation into her sets, gives her audience an unparalleled music experience. Her career has been marked by associations with iconic brands and appearances with distinguished musicians such as Kelly Clarkson, Chantal Kreviazuk, and Coldplay. Her dedication to the craft garnered her the “Breakout DJ of The Year” Golden Owl Award in 2017.

In 2021 she produced a Digital Entertainment Show “Celebration For Life” propelling new music releases, with singles like “Stars” and “Taking me There”, and a lot more music expected in 2024. Chloé's dynamic evolution as an artist is poised to take her fans on a transformative and elevated journey, showcasing her growth as a musician while spreading love and positivity. Promising to deliver new innovative music, with fresh and captivating experiences for her audience.

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