Cocktail Hour, Dinner Music, Receptions, Restaurants, Lounges, Weddings, Grand Openings! All of VanHattan's Solos, Duos and Trios are the best the province has to offer so take a look around on this page and see what catches your eye.


PAUL FILEK Paul Filek is a full functioning, Top 40 Party Act. Backyard BBQs, Weddings, Corporates, Birthday parties, he does it all! You'll hear everything from The Beatles to KOL, Selena Gomez to Tom Petty, Maroon 5 to CCR.


RACHAEL CHATOOR Rachael Chatoor is a native of Vancouver and has been part of the local music scene since the early 90′s. She works as a solo artist or in collaboration with other musicians as a part of bands like Hitzone.


DES LARSON Des Larson, known professionally as Desmond Day, is a Canadian singer/ songwriter with humble origins on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Antoinette (Nette)

ANTOINETTE LIBELT Antoinette Libelt is a singer, songwriter and guitar player, born and raised in White Rock, BC. This multi-talented artist has a smooth and powerful voice and expresses it beautifully through her thoughtful lyrics and hooky melodies.


PATRICK GAVIGAN As a for-hire musician, Patrick performs regularly with Vancouver event bands such as Sideone, Electric Ballroom, 10 Souljers, and The Phonix. He also performs regularly as a solo act. He is a mainstay at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler, The Four Seasons Whistler, Red Truck Brewery, The Marriot, The Coast Hotel and several other venues around British Columbia.


KRYSTLE DOS SANTOS is a musician first and foremost.  With a smoky voice that can fluctuate to fit any style and a live show that demands the audience stand-up and take notice, Dos Santos is ready for the masses to feel her music.


KEVIN COLES A local musician, guitar teacher, merry prankster, and multi-instrumentalist that hails from the frosty mountains of the North Shore of Vancouver. Performs in bands, duos, and has a diverse set of popular songs that can be covered as a solo artist (piano/guitar) or custom suited for any and all of your entertainment needs.


CASSANDRA MAZE Cassandra Maze, an electro-pop songstress, and one-woman-band, with a penchant for the moon and the colour red is a captivating performer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.


MIKE TAYLOR Originally from Sheffield England, Mike Taylor grew up listening to music in church and was influenced by the beautiful melodies and arrangements of gospel music. Mike also has an ear for popular music and like so many artists, it became a passion of his to learn as many songs as he could. His repertoire consists and music greats such as James Taylor, Elton John, John Mayer, Marvin Gaye, Sting, The Beatles and much more!


NIKITA AFONSO Adapting her shows from solo, duo, trio to a four-piece band full of rich harmonies, she has entertained in intimate settings to large crowds of regional music concerts such as opening for Paul Brandt and singing with Keith Urban.


ANDY COLLINS Vancouver BC’s Andy Collins; a popsmith who’s vocal spectrum has been inspired by a range of artists, from INXS to Coldplay to Adele. These are some of the timeless sounds that come to mind when a listener first absorbs the blissful glisten of Collins’ arrangements, punctuated by his breathy, smooth voice. Andy Collins has that extra quality that is vital in the contemporary singer songwriter.


JANA SEALE A songlist of well over 450 songs includes acoustic singer/songwriters from the 60's to today, and a variety of Pop, Soft Rock, Country, Celtic and Jazz. Jana is equally comfortable providing ambient background music for upscale restaurants and gala events, or as an interactive coffeehouse request act.

Mike Bertini

MIKE BERTINI Alternative Rock artist, musician, sound engineer and songwriter, Mike Bertini has been drawn to creating music for as long as he can remember and has always known that he hears music differently than the average person.

Layla Vaugeois Montgomery

LAYLA MONTGOMERY For over 20 years Edmonton-born Layla Vaugeois has been entertaining audiences with her beautiful voice and multi-instrumental talents. From her early days playing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dubai, followed by 12 years as lead female vocalist at Vancouver's famous Roxy Nightclub, Layla is now focused on corporate entertainment.


JON ROPER Guitarist Jon Roper continues to be one of Vancouver's most versatile musicians. His original projects include the hard rocking Friction Project, blues band The Lift and the indie-funk instrumental trio Ribcage. He performs regularly with Buckman Coe, The Bluesberries, Dr Strangelove, Alita Dupray, Alan Matheson, Pandora and the Locksmiths and a host of other jazz, blues, rock and world musicians.


JEN LEWIN Vancouver pianist and vocalist Jen Lewin began her professional career in 2001, and has had the privilege of playing in hundreds of rooms (from intimate venues to spacious theatres) for thousands of happy people over this time.  Well-versed in styles ranging from jazz to pop to top 40 to rock and even including country and Afro-beat styles, Jen enjoys the novelty that every gig, every band, and every night offers.​ ​


RYAN MCCALLISTER Ryan McAllister’s career began as the lead singer/songwriter for Dakona, a young Vancouver band that found themselves the subject of a seven label bidding war. They signed with Madonna’s Maverick Records and toured North America extensively. Today Ryan is a solo singer/songwriter, husband and father to three beautiful children.


TRAVIS JAMES Travis James is an alternative/pop singer-songwriter from Vancouver-BC, who just like most of us, is going through life trying to understand it all.

Taylor James

TAYLOR JAMES Performer, songwriter, guitarist and recording artist Taylor James has been delighting music lovers with her smooth, confident vocal sound, undeniable prowess on guitar, and ability to create instant rapport with audiences.


LOLA PARKS Adjectives used to describe Parks' music include sultry, organic, natural, jazz-infused, smooth, soulful, genuine, honest, evocative, dangerous, and fun. An impressive list, but no amount of adjectives can quite define the intangible mystique and musical depth that is Lola Parks.


RUEL MORALES Whether it’s his use of his 7 or 8 string guitar to fill a room, intricate live looping arrangements as a modern “one man band” or soothingly energetic fingerstyle arrangements, Ruel can create the unique atmosphere to complement your event.


OLIN BRIX Olin Brix Is a one man band, Through layers of looped beats, vocals and guitar, he creates a fresh vibe that is certain to keep the crowds wanting more. Performing covers in his unique way, he transitions from genre to genre and beat to beat well live looping it all together. Everything from Pink Floyd to Biggie Smalls to Ed Sherran he will find a way to put a groove on it.


ANGIE HILLS From ‘The Big Smoke’ of Toronto, across the prairies, through the Rockies of Alberta and down to the West coast of Vancouver, Angie Hills has called many places her musical home. Growing up listening to all genres, it was soul music that resinated with Hills the most. Singing along with early influences like Etta James and Whitney Houston, Angie quickly started her musical journey that lead her across the country.


ASHLEY PATER CBC Music named Ashley Pater one of the top 10 young Canadian musicians you must hear. Ashley is a 17-year old singer/songwriter from Vancouver, BC and has been performing since the age of 9. Although she grew up on country music while riding in the backseat of her mom’s car, Ashley considers her music to be alternative rock, which for her is a unique blend of folk, pop, and rock.


JORDAN BURGESS Jordan Burgess is a professional guitarist & vocalist and a solo acoustic act, Jordan draws from a vast repertoire of music covering multiple styles and genres, allowing him to shift musical gears to suit any audience. With his impressive guitar work and versatile vocal ability, Jordan creates his own acoustic interpretations on the music of the 70's, 80's, 90's and today.


JESSICA ZRALY Meet Jessica Zraly- Jessica brings with her 10+ years experience in the music industry. A vocalist, performer, and composer, Jessica has performed and trained alongside award-winning musicians including multi-Grammy award winner Maria Schneider.

Antonio Larosa

ANTONIO LAROSA The equally fresh and nostalgic sound of Antonio Larosa's music has been described as a hybrid of roots rock, country and blues. With vocal styles comparative to Elvis Presley and electric blues guitar inspired by Eric Clapton, Larosa writes music from the heart to the heart of his listeners. Antonio can cater to any event you are planning wether it be with band or solo.


BEN DUNNILL Ben Dunnill is musical protege and musician from White Rock BC, who at the age of 21, has played over 1000 live performances as a professional singer and jazz pianist. Ben also works as a classical pianist, music instructor, arranger/composer and has a regular house gig at the Bin 101 restaurant.


TOLU AJELE Tolu is a passionate musician and singer who loves playing music in many genres. His performance style is smooth, graceful and so enjoyable to watch.


ETIENNE SIEW Etienne Siew Is a singer-songwriter, whose music has been transporting audiences to places of escape and inspiration over the past 7 years. As an artist of mixed ancestry, his music is influenced by the eclectic blend of blues, folk and reggae roots he grew up listening to.


JACOB DRYDEN Jacob ​Dryden ​is that rare kind of ​entertainer that can look into your soul and ​sing straight to your heart. Local Vancouverite, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and consulate professional, Jacob is the man to have entertain your guests at your next event!


JOEL FOUNTAIN Joel Fountain is a very activ musician residing in Vancouver BC, Canada. Joel earned his Bachelors Degree in music from the University of North Texas (magna cum laude), where he studied singing, playing the piano and drumming.  He performs on a regular basis at clubs, concert venues, recording studios, convention centers, bars,  hotels, and casinos in Vancouver and around the world.


BRUCE COUGHLAN A consummate music professional with decades of experience performing in every imaginable situation, Bruce Coughlan's extensive repertoire spans a broad array of musical genres and styles. Whether performing solo or in an ensemble or cast, Bruce Coughlan delivers great songs expertly!


ROB ELLER For over 20 years he has played events, parties, weddings, lounges, restaurants and pubs.    Rob is a musician who chooses to express his music as a solo or a duo act, and has had a guitar in his hands since his 9th birthday. A talented force to say the least!


TOM ARNTZEN Tom Arntzen is a singer, keyboardist, composer, arranger, producer and actor. He played his first professional engagement at age 13, and is a superb pianist and singer who is able to cover jazz, classical, blues, pop, rock, broadway, latin, sing-a-long, or country.


ALEX WHITAKER Alex Whitaker is one of Vancouver's premier vocalists and guitarists, who has been performing in BC for over 20 years as a solo artist and in many dance and pop/rock bands.


ADAM ROHRLICK Adam Rohrlick is a true multi-intrumentalist – being highly proficient on guitar AND sax and keyboards. Not surprisingly, he has been in high demand for over 30 years, working with the cream of the crop in the Vancouver music scene and is equally at home playing the blues, R&B, acid jazz or jazz standards.


DIANE LINES Since the fall of 2011, pianist Diane Lines and her cast of stellar musicians have been touring with her signature show JUMP! A Celebration of Swing, Boogie, and Jump Blues, with performances in Switzerland, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Las Vegas and in various venues, theatres and festivals throughout British Columbia.

Harris & Dubray

HARRIS & DEBRAY The dynamic blues/roots duo Harris&DeBray is an offshoot of the popular Vancouver act Lesismore. Made up of singer Leslie Harris (vocals and percussion) and guitarist Curtis DeBray (acoustic guitar and vocals), it is wowing audiences in venues across the lower mainland with its hip renditions of traditional blues songs, some roots classics and new original music.


KOKOSOUL The tantalizing combination of Karina Morin and Karlo Martin come together to form KOKOSOUL, the City of Vancouver’s most accomplished duo. Consummately talented, they have the rare ability to captivate and enthrall the most discerning of audiences.


ALLEGRO West Coast music duo Allegro have mastered a tasteful blend of pop, jazz, rock and soul favourites. Playing hits ranging from Adele to U2, they deliver everything in a smooth and unique style that is intimate and sophisticated. Featuring the dynamic warm vocals of songstress Loralee Parks, whose passionate performances have wowed audiences around the globe, and keyboardist/guitarist Craig Zurba, who has worked with Michael Jackson,Tom Jones, David Foster, John Mayer and Bryan Adams.


EASY STREET Annie Handley and Dave Devindisch are multii-nstrumentalists who have teamed together and are playing songs from the 1940's to the current songs of today in their own fun jazzy style.


JUST GOOD FRIENDS Just Good Friends are vocalist Kelly Brock and keyboardist Andre Kunkel. Together they have nurtured their mutual love for ALL genres and styles of music. Ranging from the swing & jazz of the 1950's & 60's all the way through to the soulful 70's and right into the New Millennium. So whether you'd prefer to simply lounge back and take a musical ride down memory lane or to jump to your feet and shake it up to a current dance favorite, JUST GOOD FRIENDS always manage to strike the perfect balance.


KYLEE & RYLAND Kylee Epp, the lovely vocal chanteuse is accompanied by the warm rich sound of acoustic stand-up bass player, Ryland Haggis. Their repertoire encompasses light jazz to contemporary hits stripped down. Perfect for a private house party, wedding reception or background music during cocktail hour.


KEVIN & PAUL Kevin and Paul are long time friends and musical cohorts and they have brought together a wide array of musical genres and interesting vocal stylings. These two forces of nature coming together is something to see- their chemistry, talent and energy make for a very entertainment evening! Hire these boys and you will not be disappointed!

Trio Shot_edited

LESISMORE Lesismore seamlessly mixes elements of roots, soul and blues into a polished sound that is uniquely their own. Charismatic lead singer Leslie Harris has often been compared to Dinah Washington and Bonnie Raitt. The musicians are guitar virtuoso Curtis DeBray and one of the great veteran bassists of the West Coast scene, Lee Oliphant. This is a highly entertaining act that is sure to be the ‘icing on the cake’ at all your parties and events.


THE JSK TRIO The JSK Jazz Trio is the perfect compliment to your cocktail hour or during dinner. They can providing easy-listening background music or can kick it up a notch and add some flair with an engaging and memorable performance of everyone’s jazz favourites


SNAP DRAGON SnapDragon is a trio of fierce but friendly ladies who put the Fun in funky! Their rich harmonies and toe-tapping grooves will keep your guests entertained from the cocktail bar to the dance floor. SnapDragon is Susana Williams on vocals and percussion, Jen Lewin on vocals and keyboards, and Aimée Ayotte on Vo


ACOUSTIC GROOVE Acoustic Groove performs in various venues and configurations, from a pared down duo (Mike and Tony), trio (add Glenda or vocalist-keyboardist Diane Lines), and even more musicians that are part of the Acoustic Groove continuum. The music has matured like a fine wine, and includes superb interpretations of pop, soul, and r&b classics, as well as exciting original compositions. Acoustic Groove would love to perform at your venue or private function!


MOOD INDIGO Mood Indigo is a 1930's old school jazz duo featuring Russell Sholberg and Shannon Scott. The band is named after the Duke Ellington 1930's jazz standard hit song, Mood Indigo.



MIKE TAYLOR Originally from Sheffield England, Mike Taylor grew up listening to music in church and was influenced by the beautiful melodies and arrangements of gospel music. Mike also has an ear for popular music and like so many artists, it became a passion of his to learn as many songs as he could. His repertoire consists and music greats such as James Taylor, Elton John, John Mayer, Marvin Gaye, Sting, The Beatles and much more!

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