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In the world of popular music, it’s likely to hear an artist dating his work, using gimmicks and the hot sounds du jour in an attempt to punctuate their notoriety. With the speed of culture operating at its current clip, songs sound older, quicker and the only way to combat this is to draw on a myriad of eras and influences.


Such is the case with Vancouver BC’s Andy Collins; a popsmith who’s vocal spectrum has been inspired by a range of artists, from INXS to Coldplay to Adele. These are some of the timeless sounds that come to mind when a listener first absorbs the blissful glisten of Collins’ arrangements, punctuated by his breathy, smooth voice. Andy Collins has that extra quality that is vital in the contemporary singer songwriter.


Even though the acoustic guitar is prevalent throughout the music, the songs are individually addressed by a peppering of interesting instrumental cadences blended effortlessly with high production values. Collins’ music is clearly an homage to his musical idols, but only in sparse moments, never is he mimicking anyone or anything. The clean lines of delivery and the hooks that are swirling around them will make certain that Andy Collins will be enjoyed not only today, but for future generations.

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